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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  April 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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side as well. >> the news keeps coming tonight. shawn is in for brian on the news edge at 11:00. the news edge is monitoring metro, a bus driver yanked from his route accused of assaulting a passenger. investigators say it happened last friday in arlington. fox 5's karen gray houston is in the newsroom with the story now. >> metro isn't giving out a lot of details about that incident and won't say who the bus driver is. a transit union spokeswoman says he's on heave with pay and according to standard -- leave with pay and according to standard protocol is awaiting the results of drug and alcohol tests. the unidentified bus operator was driving the 38b bus that goes to farragut square including clarendon station, roslyn and georgetown stops. it was near courthouse plaza around 3:45 in the afternoon friday that the problem started. metro says an adult male passenger reported the bus
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driver physically removed him from the bus in the 2300 block of clarendon boulevard after an altercation. that passenger was taken to a local hospital with a broken arm. other drivers on that route are not shocked. >> you get wild, shouldn't be on the bus. >> reporter: some passengers agree. >> i have ridden the 38b and other buses for more than 15 years and occasionally i see displays of what i call inappropriate behavior and i think the bus drives generally have an -- drivers generally have an extraordinary amount of patience. >> reporter: we understand the dispute was over paying the fare. the spokeswoman says it is the bus driver's job to collect the fare. some passengers are not sympathetic to a rider who didn't want to fork over money for a ride. >> i got to pay it if i want to ride. >> reporter: metro says the driver reported the incident to
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his supervisor and continued on his route until he was instructed to hold his bus at the pentagon where he was arrested. >> i don't know the facts. he's innocent till proven guilty, but if he assaulted a passenger, he has to pay the price like everybody else does. >> reporter: metro transit police are handling the investigation which is in preliminary stages. most metrobuses are equipped with surveillance cameras and the fight might have been caught on tape. we tried to get a copy of the police report of that incident, but metro has not responded to our e-mail and phone requests except to say they don't make police reports public during an ongoing investigation. a metrobus is out of service tonight because of a very contagious illness. the driver has viral meningitis which is highly contagious. the driver worked friday but was previously on vacation. the bus in question is from the 14th street line running to buchanan, colorado streets and l'enfant plaza. the bus is out of circulation until it can be thoroughly
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clean. 164 other buses in northern division will be disinfected as a precaution. two cases cracked, two murders solved, one killing going back seven years and this morning a major development. the announcements are linked to another high profile case. wisdom martin is here to explain. >> since january investigators have been working with additional information they got in the lenny harris murdthat le in two other murder cases. now tyrone lewis is one of three people arrested for the murder of community activist lenny harris. investigators say lewis was seen in a bank photo using harris' bank card. police now revealed he was involved in other murders. one of the other cases he is charged in is a shooting of 17- year-old justin isaacs. last october he was shot and killed on the front steps of his home. tonight justin's neighbor and classmate talked to us about the arrest. he didn't want to us show his
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face. >> i was shocked because i was out here when it happened after it happened. so i was kind of hidden. i'm glad his mother got the justice. >> reporter: now in both cases investigators say robbery was the motive. both men are already locked up on other charges. a second person now under arrest after a vicious beating in the middle of a baltimore street caught on camera. shyanna davis is charged with assault, theft and robbery, one of four people who attacked an arlington man on st. patrick's day. the crowd laughed as the victim's car keys, money and iphone was taken. aaron parsons turned himself in earlier. police are still looking for shatia baldwin and andrea carter. a dog attack that sent a man to the hospital was caught on camera in northeast. the man was trying to stop the dogs from attacking two children. you can see them standing on top of the car trying to get away from the dogs.
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this happened in the trinidad section of the city. the victim's wife tells fox 5 her husband sacrificed himself to save those kids. >> my husband was just coming home from work. he threw his bike down and stuck his arm out so the dogs could get him so he could distract them from the kids so the kids could get down and get to safety and the dogs just latched onto him and he was punching and stabbing the dogs and they eventually got him, drug him off the car. by then he's in the middle of the street being shaken like a rag doll. my son runs out with a bat and just starts beating the dogs. >> the dogs bit the man on his arms and legs. the d.c. health department and animal control are investigating. if those dogs are found, they will be placed in the pound. >> the fox 5 weather team is tracking a springtime snowstorm. areas of new york, pennsylvania and parts of maryland saw snow today.
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at 1 point about 50,000 people were without power. that same storm system soaked the d.c. area with a cold rain. sue is in the weather center now with the latest. i'm hear to hear the worst of it behind us. >> it absolutely. is it's beginning to wind down. now we're left with the wake of the cold that that storm produced. the rain pushed up and the snow continues to fly through pennsylvania. that's where the jackpot was. we'll look at it on sentinel radar. locally we're seeing a few clouds left, maybe a sprinkle here and there, but most of the rest of the precipitation is up through pennsylvania and new york state where we found some places, isolated places getting 12, one spot getting 18 inches. most of it was 2 to 4, maybe even 6 inches mostly in higher elevations. we found that up through the highest mountain peaks in pennsylvania and out in west virginia and western maryland. the storm is up over lake ontario and will continue to move way tomorrow. we will have a little brighter day but chillier than average,
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but about 10 degrees warmer than today. frostburg, maryland, got 2 to 6 inches of snow. canaan valley west virginia 5 inches. the other snow totals around the region you can see. i'm sure they're saying how come we didn't get this in february or march when we could have done some skiing? it will be melting, but a cold night ahead for those areas. the winter storm warnings have been taken down from the mountains replaced with freeze warnings. the rest of the forecast coming your way in a few minutes. now the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards underway. he's accused of using campaign contributions to hide an affair and a child he fathered during his campaign. there's already drama in the courtroom. the judge says one of the star witnesses recently talked to three other witnesses asking them what they plan to say on the stand. andrew young once claimed to be the father of the child of edwards with rielle hunter.
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young could now be charged for talking to those other witnesses. 12 jurors and four alternates seated in the federal perjury trial of roger clemens. he's accused of lying to congress during hearings in 2008 when he testified he never took steroids or human growth hormone. the jury is mostly women and not baseball fans. the first witness should be called to testify tomorrow. new developments in the fallout from the trayvon martin case in florida. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> the sanford florida city commission is rejecting the resignation of the city's police chief. bill lee temporarily stepped down as chief last month and announced today it would be permanent, but tonight the city commission voted 3-2 to reject the resignation blaming the uproar on martin's death on outsiders. meantime martin's accused killer george zimmerman is free tonight released overnight on bond. the fallout continues in the secret service sex scandal. the defense department suspended security clearance of all military members under
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investigation. they're accused of soliciting prostitutes earlier this month in colombia. meantime another member of the u.s. military is now under investigation making it 12. that's on top of the 12 secret service members who are also being questioned. >> a new legal battle for accused white house dinner crasher tareq salahi. the virginia attorney general filed a lawsuit against him and two companies involved in claiming they violated the state consumer protection act. they're accused of not delivering rick santorums as prompted and not providing re-- delivering tours as prompted and not providing refunds after cancelling tours. a warning from the fbi about your computer, why you could lose internet access this surgery. >> also ahead this woman donated a kidney to help save her boss' life. so why was she fired? her story is coming up. here's a look at some of the other stories on our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at
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now a story that's gone viral, a new york woman says she donated a kidney to help save her boss' life but then she was fired and now she's taking her boss to court. fox's harry martin has the story. >> reporter: debbie stevens says she donated the kidney so she could save her boss' life. she said she made it possible
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for her boss to move up on a waiting list to get a kidney transplant. >> i immediately told her she could have one of mine just because it's part of who i am. i would do it for a lot of people. >> reporter: debbie who is a 47-year-old single mom from long island worked for the atlantic automotive group. her boss jackie brucia was in desperate need of a kidney transplant but could find no donor. >> i was more than happy and honored to do this for her. again, i'll stress i did not do this for job security. i thought that i had a job there based on merit and hard work. >> reporter: debbie's recovery was tough. she began to miss work and needed to take breaks just to keep going. >> she exploded. it was so bad i could not express to any of you how it felt for me to have her screaming at me like that when i said jackie, you know why i have to go outside and walk. you know my leg. she said it sounds like a personal problem. >> reporter: then debbie was transferred 50 miles away. she says she was harassed and after going under the knife for her boss she got the axe.
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>> i loved my job. i would have been there until i retired. i loved it. i loved going to work. i never had a bad day there and so having it taken away from me like that really for no reason was a very hard experience. >> that was fox's harry martin reporting. meantime at home a famous addition to a local museum, plus a warning from the feds about your computer. back to laura evans with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, shawn, why you may want to hold off on your iphone upgrade. no. 5, apple is reportedly trying to make a thinner iphone. it could launch later this year. the phone is expected to utilize new display technology placing the touch sensors inside the color filters rather than above them. no word when or if it will happen. no. 4, the future may not be so bright for this year's college grads. an associated press study found half of all young graduates are
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either jobless or underemployed in positions that don't use their skills or knowledge. no. 3, are the drugs used to treat some symptoms of autism really effective? researchers at the university of michigan say anti- depressants may not work as well as they seem. they're often prescribed to reduce repetitive behavior, but researchers suggest consulting your doctor. no. 2, now is your chance to get up close and personal with lady gaga. her wax figure complete with her out there fashion and creative hairstyle is now on display at madame tussauds in washington. fans can find gaga in the presidents gallery. the figure is on loan from vegas until june 30th. no. 1, disinfect your computer by july or face losing internet access. hundreds of thousands of computers are infected with a mall ware trophy -- malware trojan virus called dns changer. you have until july 9th to clean your computer.
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that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> we have had a wild weather day, snow to the west of us and just crazy. we're like a week from may. what's going on? >> this is wild. payback for march is what i think. march was so incredibly warm and april can be a volatile month because of the major changes in temperature across the country. out west they're setting all kinds of records now while we have the nor'easter with the snow going up the coast. record heat in the west and we're chillier than average here in the east, but we'll start getting back to normal probably closer to the weekend, certainly getting up to what is average for us, which is 69 degrees. it will be a chilly night, just a tiny bit breezy going through this overnight, but it will stay dry. hereby is the next three days for you. tomorrow's temperature about 60. that will be about 10 degrees warmer than we were today. there will be some clouds around in the afternoon and we can't completely rule out a spotty shower because while that storm is pulling away, it
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might still have influence in the upper atmosphere. wednesday's temperature 66 degrees, could be a very late day shower wednesday with a warm front getting closer and thursday will also feature a chance for some showers, but a warmer day, temperature 70 degrees. around the region we look now to find temperatures mostly in the 40s. one spot is in the upper 30s, hagerstown, but out to our west in the mountains, highest elevations a freeze warning in effect, upper 20s possible out there. we will likely see our temperatures ranging from the upper 30s to low 40s. it feels like it wants to be colder than that because it's very damp out there. i would describe tonight as more chilly than anything else. our nor'easter is starting to spin itself into a much more weakened state. it's up over lake ontario producing a little snow. you can see through buffalo and west central pennsylvania. that should also wind down, but again that heavy wet snow did a number on some of those trees leafed out. here is the futurecast. you can watch how thing change
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over the next 36 to 48 hours. our storm system tonight still spinning up there during the day tomorrow. so up through central pennsylvania could still get a shower, could even be snow mixed in across northern pennsylvania and western new york state. we should have some sunshine, but notice a few clouds build up in the afternoon. i wanted you to see a little moisture tries to spill across the mountains according to futurecast tomorrow night around 10:00 mostly for west central virginia. that keeps moving and we clear out again. wednesday is mostly dry, but wednesday night we have a warm front that tries to swing through the area. while thursday may start out dry, i think there will be some showers that move back into the picture in the afternoon. so another potentially wet day coming thursday, just as tonight's showers begin moving off the map. 39 degrees for us with a little breeze, the breeze is back again tomorrow. we do get up to about 60 degrees and maybe a spotty shower here and there. time for the five-day forecast. we have a gradual warm-up heading into the the weekend.
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right now i want to say we're showing the weekend as dry. i'm not 100% confident that will stay dry. we'll have to keep an eye on whether or not there might be some showers around here and there. we do expect some showers thursday. time for a little wizards update and that game search to talk about, too. here's dave feldman. >> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with dave feldman. >> thank you. tonight a story of two nba teams heading in opposite directions. the wizards riding a season high three game winning streak. the visiting charlotte bobcat in the midst of a franchise record 20 game losing streak. advantage was ours. 1st half wizards up 16, nene drives down the lane, gets the land and the foul, made the free throw, nene with 18. late 1st half wizards grab the rebound. john wall will lob from beyond half court to vesely.
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wizards cruising 63-39 at the break. what in the wide, wide world of sport is going on? 2nd half wizards in the half court offense, wall inside to vesely for another dunk, career high 16 points. wall adds sick to an and 14 assists. the wizards -- 16 and 14 assists. the wizards crush the bobcats and sweep the four game series against the bobcats who have lost 21 straight now. >> don't ever want to give a team that is struggling an opportunity to breathe and right from the start i thought our guys were into the game and were going try to jump on them like they did and so we haven't always done that. virginia tech has fired seth greenberg today, the coach spent nine seasons in blacksburg with a 170-123 record. last season the hokies finished
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16 of 17 overall. greenberg with four years left on his contract led tech to the ncaa tournament only once in nine years. the redskins signed unrestricted free agent linebacker bryan kehl. the four year veteran appeared in 59 career games with the rams and the giants. >> please join me for a fox 5 countdown thursday at 6:30. lindsay murphy well be live in new york. doc walker will join me in studio, jason reid at redskins park. all your draft needs including robert griffin, iii, covered and answered thursday 6:30 on fox 5. don't where. when we return, the caps and bruins need to go the distance in 1st round 69 playoffs. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back. the washington capitals' season could end wednesday, could continue until mid-june. we don't know. the mart money says the series finale will -- the smartphone says the series finale will be decide -- the smart money says the series finale will be decided by one goal. less than five minutes left, ovechkin shot, game tied 3-3. ovie is quick and he's good at celebrating, too. three plus minutes into overtime. nick backstrom's pass is knocked down by david krejci, milan lucic and the caps fall 4- 3. there will be a game 7,
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although the visiting team wednesday be upbeat. >> if you come out and you play a terrible game and they take it to us and wipe us out, it's a little different. then you're okay, we missed an opportunity, but it was a great game, a tight defensive battle and it went into overtime. you can't look back on it and think oh, what you could have done differently because we played well. so we just got to look forward and look into wednesday. nhl playoffs tonight, rangers on the road facing elimination against the senators in game 6. late 2nd period rangers leading 1-0, get a lucky break. the puck deflects to derek stefan who centers in front and the rangers held on and force game 7 thursday night in new york. 6' 4 shooting guard sam cassell jr. signed a national letter of intent to play for maryland. i hear his dad was pretty good. i'm dave feldman. shawn yancy is back with more
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of the edge right after this. >> the verizon 4g lte sports direct brought to you by verizon -- sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. you're gonna get lost. this has gps. well, that makes me feel better. me too. i'll go get two from the back. okay. this mother's day, get the droid razr by motorola. only $99.99. the lowest price ever. verizon.
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a japanese teen-ager is getting back a prized possession more than a year after the tsunami swept his house away and everything inside. this soccer ball was among the debris that washed up on annulars can island. his teacher and class -- on an alaskan island. his teacher and classmates gave him the ball. it had his name and school written on it.
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the man who found it sent it back to him. now you have the news edge. see you back here tomorrow night. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.


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